30 November, 2020

Has the pandemic changed your financial priorities?

If there’s one thing this year has shown, it’s how life can change on a dime. In a recent poll, we found that COVID-19 has left many Canadians revaluating their financial priorities....

25 November, 2020 Retirement

10 ways to grow your RRSP

Many Canadians are increasingly relying on their own resources to fund their retirements....

19 November, 2020

Tax Information Package Video

Watch this video to learn about what will be included in your 2019 Tax Information Package!

19 November, 2020

If 50 Million People Say Something Foolish, It is Still Foolish

After a concert you go to the coat check and see people in front of you leave a tip although it is already included in your purchase price. What do you do? Probably leave a tip. During the concert, after a solo, one person starts to clap and suddenly...

19 November, 2020

Too Many Chef’s in the Kitchen!

What would be the likely result if you had an important legal issue and hired three separate lawyers? Assume the lawyers don’t know each other, don’t communicate with each other and don’t coordinate their strategy....

19 November, 2020 Total Client Experience

My Trip to see Warren Buffett

My son William and I just got back from Omaha, Nebraska, the site of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting. This annual event has developed into quite the spectacle. Over the decades, the meeting has grown from a small gathering...

19 November, 2020 Total Client Experience

Bill Gates Feels You Worry About the Wrong Things. I agree

The longer I live, the more I realize that humans are just beginning to learn how to use our brain and think properly. Our existing poor thought processes lead to many bad decisions that affect our everyday lives and finances. For example, it is startling...

19 November, 2020 Investment Services Special Reports and Newsletters Total Client Experience

How much has your investment made? Here is how NOT to do it

The market value and book value of your investment is $50,000. You are unhappy because you believe that you have not made a profit. The problem? There is a very high probability that this assumption is incorrect....

19 November, 2020 Total Client Experience

2019 Outlook and Market Review

Toronto Due Diligence conference, that event gave us perspective on what is happening in the markets and what our investment specialists are doing....

19 November, 2020 Total Client Experience

The Commercial Say’s “Retire up to 30% Wealthier”. Really?

The online discount brokerage firm, Questrade, has been producing commercials with the headline “retire up to 30% wealthier”. Their premise is how you can retire wealthier by using their low-cost, web-based, minimal service brokerage service. It seem...