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Meet the Team


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16 July, 2020

A New Economy is Emerging

In this four-minute video, Counsel’s Chief Investment Strategist, Rana Chauhan, shares reasons for the strong market recovery in Q2, and explains that we are witness
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6 July, 2020

I Never Beat My Dad at Golf & Why It Should Matter to You

The last time I played golf with my father he was in his early to mid 80’s. To this point, I had never beat him on the links in my life...
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29 June, 2020

Covid-19 Lifestyle Changes May Not Be What You Think

The Covid-19 virus will likely result in changes to how people live and work. More people will be working from home, the restaurant experience will likely be quite d
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The Cost of Advice

Understanding the different fee models and what each gets you is the start of any good planning exercise.
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The Value of Advice

One-and-done is not how financial plans work. Life takes you places, priorities change, and your plans need to keep up. That’s where independent advisors, like us, can help keep you on your financial course.
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