03 June, 2022 Total Client Experience

What Might Happen Next?

What Might Happen Next?

To our clients and friends

It’s not fun to look at your portfolio statement during normal market downturns like we are experiencing now. When will it end? I have no insider information about when things will turn around, but I do have some historical facts about what has happened in the past, and that can be a good guide as to what may likely occur moving forward.

Bad Markets Are Often A Good Market Entry Point

Bad Markets


2022 One of the Worst Starts

Historically, putting in extra cash into the market during a downturn has been profitable [no guarantees naturally], while panicking and pulling out at this point will likely be a costly decision.

Valuations are Reasonable by Historical Standards


5 or Ten Years From Now, This Downturn Won’t Likely Seem Like a Big Deal


Of course, things could be quite different this time around. No one really knows.

“History Never Repeats itself, but it does often rhyme”
Mark Twain



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