19 November, 2020 Total Client Experience

We Won the Lottery of Life

Lottery of life

I recently walked into the Loblaws close to my house and stopped just inside the front entrance to gaze at the approx. 40,000 plus wonderful food items from all over the world, that I could take home.

It struck me how incredibly fortunate we are to have won the lottery of life by being born and raised in Canada.


While others, not as fortunate, must travel by foot every day just to get clean water, collect wood to cook a simple meal and live with their entire family in a one-room dirt floor hut. We cannot imagine living like this.


This realization ignited my desire to help and was one of the reasons, in 2012, I was honored to travel with 12 other volunteers to the small poverty stricken community of Briones in Honduras.

They had no indoor plumbing and water was hauled by hand from the river. The only electricity was via a generator ( which worked most of the time ).


Over the next 7 days, we worked side by side with the community, mixing cement to help build sanitary concrete floors in the community’s many small one-room huts.


On November 1st of this year, we will be heading to the Honduran community of Carboneras to continue the same work as part of a 15-person group from “IPC Cares”.

To keep things in perspective, the average income in Carboneras is less than $100 CAD per month. (we just don’t realize how good we all have it sometimes)


In upcoming emails, I will be providing more information on the work we will be doing in Carboneras, on our living conditions (not quite 5 star) and an opportunity

for those interested in contributing to help the community.




Paul Hard at Work



Paul Surrounded with the Children in Briones