Our Process

When it comes to managing one’s financial affairs, most people crave simplicity. That’s one of the reasons why our team uses a unique process for clients called the Personal Wealth Management Strategy™.

Discovery Discussion

There is a right and wrong way to do everything including dealing with one’s financial affairs. The wrong way is to continually think about being better off and more financially secure while doing little about it. At West End Wealth Planning, we do financial planning the right way, by understanding that our clients do not have the time, desire, or expertise to develop, implement and continually monitor their own financial plan. So we take the burden and worry from them.

"It always amazes me when people tell me that they never receive written reports from their advisors” - Paul Barreca CFP ®

Our Personal Wealth Management Strategy, encompasses all areas of financial services. With both short and longer term goals in mind, the process integrates and organizes all aspects of our client’s personal and corporate finances. Each stage of the process is documented and the client receives “in writing”:
  • A “Letter of Engagement” outlining a customized services portfolio plan.
  • A “Retirement/Independence" Plan
  • Their Strategic Investment & Risk Management Plan
  • A tax-efficient, fair fee structure that aligns your interests with ours.
  • A “Consolidated Performance Report” – to provide you with information on exactly what your portfolio earns each year.
  • Pro-active regular review process with a written document of discussion and recommendations.