Individuals & Families

Many Canadians aren’t sure who to turn to for financial help that they can trust. They too often put up with unprofessional and incomplete financial Advice and pay fees without gaining enough value in return. They put things off until next year, then the year after and so on creating an ongoing expensive cycle of worry, frustration and lost opportunities.

We understand and are here to help so you can relax.

Using our unique process The Personal Wealth Management Strategy we engage in-depth with you to understand your financial situation, values towards money, and future objectives. With your unique needs in mind we create a personal financial program, including:

  • A written portfolio strategy unique to you,
  • Realistic written and measurable financial goals to get what you want out of life,
  • Creative tax reduction strategies often beyond the basics,
  • The appropriate insurance vehicles to ensure your life goals are not crippled by unforeseen events.
  • Organize your estate so it is distributed to whom you want with the least possible tax,
  • Regular financial reviews that Keep you informed of performance and ensure financial plan is updated as your life changes.

"If your financial plan is not written &'s just hope!"